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We GATHER to worship as a body of believers. We GROW as a fellowship through Bible Study to enable us to GO into our community, nation, and world to share the love of Jesus.

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The Surreal Life

Life at this stage seems a blend of routine and uncertainty. I’m grateful to be reasonably healthy and able to work yet I would like a clearer picture of the future. Being single again, downsizing to a smaller house with less stuff, wondering what to do with the rest of my earthly life feels a […]



Stewardship season is here…”stewardship of all of life” sometimes means only an annual campaign, which becomes the means to achieve an end, and the end means the church budget. Instead our Stewardship Team has chosen “Fearless Generosity” as our theme which is an expression of gratitude for all of life—to broaden and deepen our understanding […]


“How Much Is Enough?”: Twelve Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Most of us have a lot of stuff—possessions, clothes, collections…checked those drawers in the nightstand or kitchen lately? How about the attic? Before we buy and acquire more stuff, here’s a “Twelve Step” approach to “recovery.” Do I already have it? Do I want or really need it? Will I have room for it? Is […]


More financial health habits

5-Do the basics well—Matthew 7:7-Ask, and it will be given to you. Money for mission requires communicating needs, asking, thanking, and transparent accountability. Members need to be informed often and regularly of financial realities. Social and traditional media as well as personal faith stories demonstrate how money has helped specific people and needs. People need […]


Habits of Financial Health

The following list is gleaned from various resources collected over time—hope it will prove helpful. 1-Put God first—Matthew 6:33—But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. All we are and have belongs to God—we are trustees, managers, stewards who are accountable […]

PCUSA Board of Pensions

Funding Our Future Ministry

Last Monday and Tuesday I attended a series of financial workshops sponsored by the Board of Pensions and Presbyterian Foundation of the PCUSA—excellent information by qualified folks who have a passion for assisting local congregations to be better steward-managers of resources and who have a pulse on what’s trending in the culture. Workshops included: Church […]


Signs of Health

One of the characteristic signs of a healthy church family in transition is openness to creative change. While the time between pastoral leadership also creates some anxiety and uncertainly and eagerness to replace the Interim pastor with the “real” pastor, this is a time for the congregation to re-examine vision, mission, and future leadership priorities. […]

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Peace On Earth—And In Our Hearts

“Peace On Earth—And In Our Hearts” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina November 22, 2015 Inspired by: Luke 2: 8-21 Sermon Seems ironic or perhaps providential that a couple of months ago I chose “peace” as the Advent theme for this season—especially in a world of ISIS terror, […]


Enjoy the Gift of Giving

“Enjoy the Gift of Giving” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina November 15, 2015 Inspired by:Exodus 35: 4-9; 21; 2 Corinthians 8: 1-14; 9: 6-8 Sermon I continue to be impressed by the generosity of this congregation toward the Carpenter’s Table, Feed the Future, VBS, BBQ Smackdown, as […]

Freely You Have Received Freely Give

Freely You Have Received, Freely Give

“Freely You Have Received, Freely Give” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina November 8, 2015 Inspired by:1 Cor. 4: 1-8a; Proverbs 30: 8; Matt: 10:8; Matt. 23:23 Sermon Several years ago, Steve Rogers, Methodist pastor, wrote an article “Who Asks For Money?” I keep it in my stewardship […]

Reckless Scattering of Love

God’s Reckless Scattering of Love

“God’s Reckless Scattering of Love” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina October 25, 2015 Inspired by:Matthew 13: 1-23 Sermon Our text this morning is a parable–a particular genre of writing that invites us to interpret the story as well as the parable interprets us. Parables are not didactic, […]