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We GATHER to worship as a body of believers. We GROW as a fellowship through Bible Study to enable us to GO into our community, nation, and world to share the love of Jesus.

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On April 3, I began teaching a six-week series of Sunday morning classes that blend youth confirmation curriculum with new member orientation—basically Christianity 101 for adults—called “Membercom.” Topics include: “What’s Up with Church Membership?”                             “History of Christianity in 45 Minutes”                             “Is Theology a Four Letter Word?”                             “You Too Might Be a Presbyterian”                             “Upgrading Your Spiritual […]


The Praying Congregation

This Lenten season I have decided to put God to a test—in a prayerful sort of way. Just writing this sounds “old school,” traditional, conservative…I mean prayer is pretty basic SOP for believers, especially preacher-pastor types. I assume most church folks assume that I pray for the congregation as a whole and individuals as needs […]

Grace and Peace of God

Progressive Christianity

Rambling through the “theology” file recently, I came across these “Ten Commandments” of faith by a colleague, Landon Whitsitt—while the Trinity and Jesus’ life, death, resurrection make Christianity unique, I like the more inclusive, graceful way Landon expresses his faith. These are adapted from “Open Source Church”. Good perspective for a world that seems religiously […]


Services at 11AM Tomorrow

No Christian Education at Tyger River Presbyterian Church on January 24, 2016. Pastor Al Masters will be at Church by 11AM for anyone who is able to safely make their way to service.


Praise the Lord — a brief reflection on Psalm 148

Starting this 2016 New Year with “praise.” Having just returned from the annual Montreat College Conference, my spirit is soaring with praise and thanksgiving for creative worship, solid preaching and the opportunity to lead a workshop on diversity and the importance of sacred conversations. College students who are willing to sacrifice a week of Christmas […]


From Anxiety into Peace

Connecting to our Advent theme of “peace,” the words of the poet W. H. Auden seem appropriate. The following lines are from his long poem “For the Time Being: A Christmas Oratorio”—the biblical reference is to Simeon, the old man in Luke’s gospel who was promised he would not die before seeing Jesus. (Luke 2: […]

Advent Peace

Advent Peace

Our theme for this Advent season is “Peace on Earth…and in Our Hearts” considering “peace” as something and/or Someone we pursue—“When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart”-Jeremiah 29:13a. Peace is also God’s “promise”—“For a child has been born for us, a son given to us; […]

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Easter Sunday: Resurrection

“Resurrection” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina March 27, 2016 Inspired by:  The Resurrection Sermon The modern day atheist, the late Christopher Hitchens, when asked by a Unitarian Universalist interviewer if he could embrace a less literal, more liberal view of Christianity, replied, “I would say that if you […]


Palms and Passion: The March to Madness

“Palms and Passion: The March to Madness” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina March 20, 2016 Inspired by:  Isaiah 50: 4-9a;  Matthew 21: 1-11 Sermon Picture a seven year old little girl in your mind…her name is Suzanna. She is getting excited about Easter Sunday next week. Nearly […]

Spirit of the Living God

Spirit of the Living God

“Spirit of the Living God” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina March 13, 2016 Inspired by:   Ezekiel 37: 1-14; Romans 8: 6-11 Sermon I borrowed the introduction for this sermon from Brett Younger, who is a professor of preaching and theology—that’s my polite way of admitting honest […]


Second Chance to Repent

“Second Chance to Repent” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina February 28, 2016 Inspired by:   Luke 13: 1-9; Mark 11: 12-25; Habakkuk 3: 16-19 Sermon Context: Jesus has “set his face to go to Jerusalem.” Conflict with the religious leaders is getting stronger. The text in Luke […]